Fire Extinguishers

We are also having the fire extinguisher design, supply, and installation all types of industries, hospitals and high rise buildings.

Process Piping

We are also doing the project of process piping like cooling tower supply and return pipe line, compressed air piping, steam piping, steam condensates piping PRS installation, Hot water line and cold water pipeline.

Company strength

We have well educated and experienced leadership and well experienced and trained engineers and technicians. Our aim is our customer’s satisfaction in our workmanship, safety, and quality of our services.

Automatic Sprinkler System

We have to supply and installation of the automatic sprinkler system with NFPA 13,TAC and FM global guidelines of the installation of sprinkler system, provide best practices for system design, installation, and water supplies. We are care to choose the sprinklers type like temperature, k-factor and types of the sprinkler based on the hazardous.

Hydrant System

We are design and install the External and Internal Hydrant system as per the TAC, NBC,IS,NFPA & FM guideline in All types of industries, Commercial buildings and High rise buildings. Hose reel drum also supply and install all types of industries and high rise buildings, Hospitals etc.,

Fire Water Pump House

Fire Water Pump House is the Heart of the Fire Fighting system. We are design the pump capacity, pump head and pump type as per the TAC, NBC,IS,NFPA& FM guideline. Fire Water Tank and water filling procedure will be follow the Safety Norms.

Fire Alarm System

Two types of fire alarm system we are design and install. Addressable and Conventional fire alarm system with various types of panels like, notifier, Honeywell, Morley, cooper, ravel etc.,

MVWS & HVWS System

Medium Velocity Water Spray System & High Velocity Water Spray System, these type of system installed in Transformer yard, scarp yard, HSD Area Naptha area Coal Shed, etc., this is system working with auto and manual. Auto system working under the Deluge valve. This deluge valve system having auto and manual options.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We are gladly inform to you, our company having good experience person for doing AMC For both Firefighting and Fire Alarm systems. Including all type of services done by experienced technicians and Engineers. Fire Water Pump House – we are check the Pump performance test and Pump running condition checking then submitted the detailed reports.